Moonrise Kingdom

We went to see the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom, last weekend and it was an absolute delight, totally magical.  The opening shot pulls you into this house set on an island in New England that turns out to be filled with wacky characters, 3 boys, a mom, Frances McDorman, and dad, Bill Murray, and the hypnotizing young girl, Suzy, played by Kara Hayward.  The previous summer Suzy met a strange young scout, Sam, played by Jared Gilman,  and they have planned to run away together.  They meet at an appointed time, in a field, he with all his scouting gear and Suzy in a dress, carrying her portable phonograph and suitcase.  Her records are a French singer and Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

Everyone gets involved in finding them and it’s full of adventure as the storm of the century approaches.  Bob Balaban plays the narrator, functioning a bit like a Greek chorus, in mapping out where they’ve gone and making predictions.  The adults are great, but the real spotlight is on the two runaways.

This is a movie for anyone looking for a little magic in their lives.