Juana and Lucas by Juana Medina

This is a really delightful book about a girl in Bogota, Columbia who loves Brussels sprouts, likes to draw and has a dog named Juana and LucasLucas. She loves to play futbol, to read late into the night and to be with her best friend. On this first day of school she has some problems. The best futbol player switches from her team because he doesn’t like to lose. Worst of all she has to learn “the English,” which is hard to learn and to pronounce and “nada de fun” or no fun at all. But since her grandfather has promised to bring the family to visit Spaceland in the U.S., she must learn English in order to speak to Astroman, her hero.  Juana goes to all the grown ups she knows to ask their opinions on the matter.

The illustrations are exuberant and sometimes seem to fly across the page. I loved reading the book and look forward to more books about Juana.  The author incorporates Spanish words and phrases in the text in a wonderful manner.


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