Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe

This delightful book is written and illustrated by Chris Monroe who has many children’s books to her credit, including the Monkey with a Tool Belt series.  Bug on a Bike has a mixture of painterly watercolor landscapes and fairly simply yet detailed drawings of bugs and assorted other creatures that one by one or group like “ants on a log” at a time are invited to join the trip to an unknown destination by the bug on the bike. The bug is an adorable ladybug with enormous eyes, a red cycling helmet and spindly arms and legs. His face portrays sheer delight. The rhyming story is told in cumulative fashion as he picks up one friend or group of friends at a time to travel along up and down and around to the site of his spectacular birthday party. There he is happy just to see all of his friends having a great time.

Just one element of this book bothered me. The text is displayed in a rather bold, serif typeface, Gomorrah Regular 20/24, while the bug’s speaking or thinking is done in a more natural hand written style in thought bubbles. I think the book would have been served better with a less formal typeface.

Bug on a Bike is sure to be a hit with children who love bugs, surprises, unusual friends, adventures and birthday parties.  It’s a great read aloud.