Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

How did it take me so long to read Maggot Moon/? The cover kept saying, “read me..”, but I Imageignored it.  It really is a fantastic, unique book that grabs you and pulls you into the world of Standish Treadwell. His world is a tightly defined fascist ruled England of the 50s.  And it does this in short chapters and few pages.  The pen and ink illustrations by Julian Crouch add to the impact.  Steadfast lives with his Gramps, his parents having both disappeared. At school he is bullied ceaselessly by students who are better fed and raised to be bullies for the Motherland.”

It had struck me then that the world was full of holes, holes which you could fall into, never to be seen again. I couldn’t understand the difference between disappearance and death. Both seemed the same to me, both left holes.” P. 32

Standish is dyslexic, can neither read nor write, but he is bright as his friend Hector recognizes.   “No, Standish, I believe,” Hector interrupted. “I believe the best thing we have is our imagination, and you have that in bucketloads,” p. 142

After Hector disappears, Standish decides to make a stand, to expose the Motherland. Definitely a Printz contender!