My nurse today is a cyclist!

Still no cycling, or even hopes of, but I did plenty of workout in the gym and climbed three flights of stairs holding on to the rail with the physical therapist.  Then I had to show that I could get up from the floor.  Rene had to watch to get an idea of what he’d have to contend with.

I taught my nurse how to find journal articles at her library.  She’s doing a bachelor’s degree by distance so she didn’t get a class, but I can’t believe they don’t teach distance students how to do this.  Maybe there’s a career in this for me??  Turns out she and her husband are also cyclists,  though her husband is more hard core than her.  But she’s going to do her first all three days of the Make a Wish Ride,  Since she doesn’t like to clip in, they’re going to ride tandem.  I wanted to do the last 50 miles of that, but it will have to be another year.


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