Okay, now I’ve screwed everything up.

Okay, now I’ve screwed everything up. On Saturday 6/15/13 I retired from my Teen Services Librarian position.  Great, right?  Wrong…  On Thursday I took a big spill from my bike and took some stitches to my head, had a concussion and a bleed. Nothing I haven’t had before, but I’m really wobbly on my feet now. I’ve been transferred to Heritage Hospital where I have a GREAT team looking after me and am going through lots of therapy. It looks like helluva Ride is out as is the ride we’d planned for next week in Wisconsin. I think I’ll keep my feet on terra firms for a while.

Meanwhile, I’ve read two books: 45Pounds (More or Less) by a Michigan author Kelly Barson, that’s due out later in the summer, and the graphic novel, Relish, which I absolutely loved. More on that later when I’m thing a bit clearer. I’ve gone back to Alice Munro’s Dear Life: Stories, which has been on my kindle app for awhile, and I think I’m going to start Gail Godwin’s, Flora, recommended to my husband today by my friend Emily Idzior, librarian at the West Bloomfield Library.


Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

far far away
“What follows is the strange and fateful tale of a boy, a girl, and a ghost. The boy possessed uncommon qualities, the girl was winsome and daring, and the ancient ghost… well, let it only be said that his intentions were good.”

Jeremy Johnson Johnson lives in Never Better and he’s a strange boy. There’s his name of course. Well, both his parents were named Johnson. When his mother disappeared his father took to his room and has barely come out. Jeremy mostly keeps to himself and studies, guided by the ghost of Jacob Grimm who narrates Far Far Away. Jacob, died in 1863 but in this book is said to have woken up as a ghost in the Zwischenraum – the space around us mortal beings, and is protecting Jeremy from “the Finder of Occasions,” “someone who watched and waited, someone with tendencies so tortured and malignant that I could scarcely bring myself to see them…”

When beguiling Ginger comes along, despite her friends’ thoughts that Jeremy is not a worthy boyfriend, she invites him to join them. But mostly she brings him into dangerous situations, and Jeremy, flattered to be invited by such a charming girl, and despite Jacob Grimm’s warnings, goes along. Is this the case of a demonic girl “luring” Jeremy into evil or an innocent girl just playing pranks?

The narrator’s language is fairly formal while at times Ginger’s voice reminds me of 1940s television, like when she says “How is life in Bailey City?” if speaking to Frank Bailey, or uses expressions like zounds and gads. Because of the opening lines quoted above, we know something bad will happen and this casts tension over the whole story.

This amazing small town modern tale, meshes with the haunting character of Jacob Grimm and the body of work that his name evokes. It is full of surprises, plot twists and hidden places. I thought I knew where it was heading and was totally wrong. It’s a seat of your pants thriller, but in an old fashioned, sort of way.

On the Verge of Retiring from Being a Full Time Librarian

Today I visited a friend  and there happened to be three of us librarians visiting.  One is a retired adult services public librarian who now volunteers at her synagogue’s library , the other a university librarian and me, a teen services librarian on the verge of retiring.  What does that make me?  It was so easy to talk together about ILS systems, ebooks and Overdrive,  what we love about being librarians and I’m thinking, what am I going to do?  Well, I do have several plans, but one thing I can do is pick this blog back up and start posting again since I won’t have my library’s blog to post on anymore.  I kind of stopped posting here after I broke my collarbone while cycling last summer.  There are not that many full time jobs in libraryland these days, so I’m glad to let someone else have my job.  I will continue to read and share my thoughts on books.